The Artist

Portrait of a Young Gamble

Gamble has always been an Artist. Drawing portraits, creatures, and portraits of creatures at a young age led to his becoming a tattoo artist. Then in 2002 at the impressionable age of 17, he was introduced to a different medium, glass.

His excitement led him to an apprenticeship at the highly regarded Gary Zack Studios in Saratoga Springs, New York where his passion flourished along with his craft. While an artist at heart he has also has experience with commercial production, creating glassware from paperweights to chandeliers (lofty!).

He simply loves working with glass, testing it’s limits and exploring it’s aesthetic possibilities. Lucky us!

“So handsome!”

-Stacy Picasso


In addition to the fine arts Mr. Gamble is also a master of the martial arts.

An 11th degree black belt (that’s right, 11!) he has gone beyond what his predecessors expected or dreamed. If he were the type of person to brag he might tell you about the time Chuck Norris asked for his autograph.

Alas and alack he’s much too humble for such boasts, in fact he may be upset with me that I’m telling you this but gosh darn it, some of these things need to be said. Like the time he arranged for a group of blind orphans to pilot small aircraft above Sheridan, Oregon just by the smells of freshly sown fields of lavender.

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